Arabecom is a Stratigic Partner of The Amirecan Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) in France


Knowledge is power when you have it and you use it

Arabecom for Consultancy is a professional services company providing an integrated spectrum of internal control and anti-fraud / corruption advisory and training services. We provide solutions that help our clients control, grow and succeed by better managing their operations, finances and employees. we capitalize on our strategic partnership with The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) to provide anti-corruption programs and services in France, the European Union, and other markets.

We are a market leader in France, the European Union in each of the following:
  1. Anti Fraud and Forensic
  2. Internal Control
  3. Due Diligence
We are not a traditional consulting firm in the markets we serve. Our services are conducted within the framework of core values that include integrity, objectivity, competence, continuing education and lifelong learning.



Introduction of The AACI

It is evident that corruption became an international phenomenon crossing national borders. Read more


Vision & Mission of the AACI

Management anti-corruption knowledge and skills prevail among management and those charged with governance as essential to their organizations’ success. Read more

Upcoming Events

Together, Empowering Tone at the Top

Programs List
Code Program Name Place Date
04F Developing effective fraud prevention policy
Level: Introductory (European Union only)
Paris 2016/11/03-01
04F Developing effective fraud prevention policy
Level: Introductory
Paris 2016/11/08-06
03F Corruption Prevention and Detection: The Role of Executive Management and Those Charged with Governance
Level: Introductory
Dubai 2016/11/24-22
01F Principles of Internal Control
Level: Introductory
Paris 2016/11/29-27